17 March Natural Propulsion Seminar in Wageningen (The Netherlands)

Programme Natural Propulsion Seminar – Monday March 17th

8.45 – 9.15 Welcome and opening BlueWeek – Guilhem Gaillarde, Sebastien Gueydon
9.15 – 10.30 Mr. Alberto Balzan – Turbosail™ Pte ltd, Singapore, Natural propulsion: challenges and opportunities for new entrants 10.30 – 11.15 Mr. Giovanni Bordogna and Mr. David J. Markey – TU Delft, The Netherlands, A ` Performance Prediction Programme for Wind-Assisted Ship Propulsion

Coffee break: 30 min
11.45 – 12.30 Prof. Vahs & Mr. Jann Strybny – University of applied Sciences, Hochschule Emden/Leer, Germany, The application of Wind assisted Propulsion on Short sea Vessels & CFD on aerodynamics on Flettner rotors

Lunch: 1 hour
13.30 – 14.15 Mr. Padur – Lais GmbH, Germany, Design considerations for WHC Flettner rotor construction
14.15 – 15.00 Mr. Yves Parlier – Beyond the Sea, France, Kite propulsion

Coffee break: 30 min
15.30 – 16.15 Mr. Terje Lade – Lade AS, Norway, Vindskip™, a hybrid merchant vessel powered by the wind and LNG
16.15 – 17.00 Mr. Marcello Segato – Seagate, Italy, The Seagate collapsible delta wing sail and engine-wind cruise control: two technologies to use wind power to reduce fuel use in commercial marine
17.00 – 17.45 Mr. Gavin Allwright – Greenheart, United Kingdom, The Greenheart Project, Sail, Solar

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