Program SAIL conference 6 November 2013

10 October 2013

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Conference and “Working Session”

How to make it happen?! 


  • Optimized hulls and riggings
  • Velocity prediction data
  • Performance data
  • End consumers valuing sustainable transport
  • Tribe managers making it happen
  • Rising Oil prices
  • Finance of innovation (being an inevitable loss); European programs



  • First movers in freight
  • First movers amongst ship owners
  • Builders of the first ship
  • The first Ecoliner for measuring performances



Chair: Anne de Vriesprovince of Fryslân

12.0013.00 Optional light lunch from buffet.Reception and registration
13.30  Introduction

  • Introduction SAIL, Anne de Vries, Project leader SAIL, province of Fryslân
  • An outlook to the Port of Rotterdam (TBC)


Pilots hybrid freight sailing


Business concept on sustainability

15.15 Coffee/Tea break.
16.25  Business concept on sustainability (continuation)

17.00 Forum: “How to make WASP happen!”Forum leader: Robbert van Hasselt, IDMM

  • Who are the first movers and how to commit them?
  • How to incentivize decision makers?
  • Process design and identifying stepping stones
18.00 Closure with drinks and bites

For any questions please contact Brigitte Feenstra



Draft programme SAIL conference 2013-10-22

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