Sail into a sustainable future


SAIL aims to develop innovative, effective and efficient, sustainable transnational sailing solutions using less, or even no fossil fuels, bearing in mind future rising oil prices, climate change and logistic problems. SAIL thus contributes to other goals of other organizations.

After SAIL has ended, the follow up will be a SAIL consortium bringing sustainable and competitive North Sea shipping in practice. Also, an expert centre on ‘competitive freight sailing with zero emissions‘ should be created. This should be a central point of the activities of the SAIL consortium and should manage SAIL outputs and results.

About SAIL
From July 2012 to June 2015, 17 partners from 7 North Sea countries will work on this project to stimulate and facilitate the transition process towards a sustainable shipping sector with focus on zero emission freight sailing. It has a budget of € 3,4 million. The participating partners are the province of Fryslân, knowledge institutes, universities and ship operators from The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, United Kingdom and France.

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Alternative propulsion systems for (freight) sailing, defined her as “hybrid sailing concepts”, have high potentials, due to rising oil prices and environmental aspects. Develop and testing hybrid sailing concepts that lead to new business opportunities and a more sustainable future.


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