Network meeting sustainable shipping on 4 July

A network meeting about sustainable shipping is organised during the Tall Ships Races 2014 in Harlingen, the Netherlands on July 4th. On board of the clipper Stad Amsterdam cargo owners, investors, and maritime specialists change thoughts about the market introduction of the Ecoliner. The meeting will be opened by the alderman of the municipality of Harlingen, mrs Maria le Roy.

The Ecoliners is a modern, hightech hybrid sailing vessel of which both design and technical specifications are now ready. The vessel enables the most sustainable option of sea transport. Consumers are increasingly aware of the sustainable creation of products and sustainable transport over sea joins this development.

The idea of the Ecoliner has been initiated by the Fair Transport company, which has been sailing freight over several years using the vessel Tres Hombres. The design of the modern Ecoliner has been developed by Dykstra Naval Architects. The market proposition of the Ecoliner is:

  1. Approx. 50% fuel, SOX, NOX and CO2 reduction on sea at common boat speeds.
  2. Disruptive innovation in an environment dominated by the enlargement of vessels and diminishing cruising speeds.
  3. Meeting new stringent SOX reduction standards in the North Sea and around the US in 2015
  4. Large sustainable gains against low costs, considering the entire supply chain.
  5. A solution (hybrid sailing vessel) showing big exposure possibilities when marketing products.
  6. First to market with a sustainable sea transport solution

Project SAIL has catered for 18 partners to work on technical and logistical solutions supported by EU funding. It enables to quantify the economic results which can be obtained by the Ecoliner per business case. As a result, it is not a matter if an Ecoliner will be build, but when the first client emerge.

Visit for more information about Ecoliners and July 4th

Note for editors – not for publication

Interested journalists can go on board the Stad Amsterdam (West Dock, Harlingen) from 15:00h. when registered beforehand.

More information and imagery is available through Fair Transportation, Dykstra Naval Architects or the SAIL project. You can contact:

Eelco Last

+31 6 29304004

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