E&E Consultant attended the Radical Emission Reduction Conference

E&E Consultant attended the Radical Emission Reduction Conference, a conference intending to provide an evidence-base for developing radical-mitigation strategies, hosted by the Tyndall Center for Climate Change Research
During this two-days conference (10-11 December 2013) E&E exposed and presented a poster on the research conducted within the WP4 of the SAIL project. The team that was there (K. Jaouannet and Dr. C. Rynikiewicz) took this occasion to meet people convinced by the need of a radical rather than incremental change to meet the 2°C target, and discuss on possible pathways, implementation barriers (wether political, social, or behavioral) and on the role that could play the wind propulsion.
The maritime sector, that is usually forgot, was very well represented in this conference. Indeed, on the second day of the conference, Dr. Alice Bows-Larkin, presented results of the work she is conducting under the High Seas Project and a follow up “EPSRC Shipping in changing climate” project, that aims at producing a holistic analysis of the global shipping system and use this analysis to develop a model of the system with which to assess its future emissions and costs under a range of trajectories for its exogenous drivers (economic, regulatory, technological and fuel price future trends). One of the big message she get out is that WASP could allow the shipping sector to cut its CO2 emissions by 80% within 2050.

For more information on the Tyndall Conference: http://www.tyndall.ac.uk/radical-emission-reduction-conference-10-11-december-2013 .

Link to the poster SAIL WP4 TyndallConf 2013-12-09


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