First day of SAIL partner meeting a succes

11 April 2013

So far the partner meeting of SAIL in Wilhelmshaven has been a succes. Yesterday a number of interesting speakers out of the bussiness shared their thoughts and dreams.  Partners will use the new ideas in the Workpackage meetings of today.

Summary and presentations of Wednesday 10 April

For instance Isabelle Rojon (click here for the presentation) of the University of Utrechts, invited by the North Sea Foundation, informed all about her thesis Blowing in the Wind, which connected completely to the subject of the project.  She ends her presentation that she things there is hope for the future, but we need to focus on defusion and knowledge. In her opinion these projects are excellent for spreading the word. (click here for the thesis)

Uwe Lampe of Fassmer Shipyard (click here for the presentation) showed all highlights of the Rainbow Warrier of Greenpeace. The first idea of this revolutionary ship started 15 years ago and today the ship is sailing fulltime for nearly 2 years without any difficulties.

Heinz Otto of Bundesverband WindEnergie (click here for the presentation)  tells the participants the story of the renewed wind powered shipping model ‘Dynarigged ship’ designed by Wilhelm Prölss in 1958.

Daan Sparrendam of Dykstra naval architects (click here for the presentation). He talked us throught options and results of different tests for building the Ecoliner. The main issue now is to find the right moment to involve the cargo owners. Already there is much interest, so maybe in a few months it is the right rime. In the opintion of Daan sails are working the best for ocean crossing, for coastal shipping flattner rotars probably work the best.

Guillame Le Grand of TOWT thinks arrogance is our worst enemy.  (click here for the presentation)

Ralf Plump Niche market: German Lloyd (GL) (click here for the presentation) had a vision and developed a zero emission vision years ago. Normal schips sail 22 knots, the GL containership sails 15 knots. A design for a zero emission ferry has been made and ready for building. The design is suitable for short ferry connections, like in between Germany, Sweden and Denmark. Designing this ferry started with the logistics not with the ferry itself.


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