European hybrid freight SAIL project has started

15 November 2012

The Interreg North Sea project SAIL has started! Olympic silver medalist Mrs. Marit Bouwmeester and founding father of merchant sailing Reid de Jong recently opened the kick off conference at Galamadammen Koudum, The Netherlands. More than 50 experts from the North Sea countries discussed new sustainable hybrid sailing concepts, with sails, wings or kites, electricity or biofuels, offering great opportunities for the future. Inspiring speakers presented new business opportunities.

Due to rising oil prices and environmental aspects, hybrid sailing concepts have high potentials. The Sail project’s aim is to develop and test hybrid sailing concepts that lead to new business opportunities and a more sustainable future. In the forthcoming three years, the project partners will explore the possibilities to renew the freight sailing industry.

The SAIL project is an Interreg IVB North Sea Region Project with 17 Knowledge Institutes, universities and ship operators from The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, United Kingdom and France. The project runs until June 2015 and has a budget of € 3.4 million (50% European funding).

The project set sail with tailwind, so join us to a sustainable freight sailing future.

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